Showing the Glory of God

Wil and Laura Key are leaving Denver to go to Califonia within a week or so. I was out to their house on this past Friday for their weekend Estate sale. Yes, I got a few things: a really nice briefcase, some DVDs, an “artistic” CD rack and a ball of rubber bands about the size of a tennis ball –among other things.

Interestingly, choir director Todd Kelly was there to say goodbye to Wil and Laura, as well. ‘Certainly nice to meet him, because he was a previous choir director at Antioch Baptist. He currently works with the Male Chorus at True Light Baptist Church.

As an aside, on the way over to Wil and Laura’s house, I spoke briefly in person with Mark Boykins and his wife, Angie. He serves as staff musician and choir director at Park Hill Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church on Sabbaths (Saturdays.) He also serves as Minister of Music Sundays at Peoples Presbyterian Church. Although both sing well, Angie is a positively lovely soprano. When she sings, there are slight chills and tremors as the Holy Spirit breezes through the sanctuary. BTW – The SDA’s kickoff Evangelistic meeting will be on Sun., July 17th at 7:00pm at the Aurora Central High School Auditorium. Mark will lead the mass choir comprised of singers from several area SDA churches. ‘See ya there.

Wil Key and I met, when he so ably provided piano accompaniment for the Praise Team at Park Hill SDA church several years ago. I found out from drummer, James Wallace, that he had served as Minister of Music for Antioch Baptist Church for seven years. One of the most incredible things about Wil is that he transcribes music performances to chord charts. A lot of time and effort, and he does a really good job. Although he would never proliferate copies of copyrighted work, he has graciously shared chord charts of music in a very small circle. This has been so invaluable to all the musicians at Antioch. Thank you so much, Mr. Key. We are forever in your debt. Thanks be to God.

I met Laura on Sun. March 11, 2010. This was Wil’s last Sunday at Antioch Baptist, where I was then transitioning in as Minister of Music. As usual, Wil showed us how it’s done on keys, and, as I recall, his wife, Laura, sang “Order My Steps” so beautifully. Also, Laura is a successful Real Estate agent/broker. She likes to post positive and encouraging statements and quotes on facebook. Occasionally, she will post a super real estate opportunity or bargain.

With a Master’s Degree in Music from the University of Colorado, Will is also a recording engineer and producer. His CDs include “Satisfy My Soul.” He has equipped, configured and operated a professional music studio for years and has already produced other projects for various artists, including one of my favorite singers and musicians, Rev. Larry King.

Although Wil has gone on a world tour in the past year, he has also played at True Light Baptist, Park Hill SDA, Park Hill United Methodist, New Community SDA, New Hope Baptist, as well as other metro Denver churches and other venues with numerous singing groups, choirs, singers, such as Majestic Voices of Praise and True Colors.

I could go on and on about Wil and Laura, but I cherish the little time I spent with them. We all wish them well as they begin to enjoy even more of God’s blessings of great success in the Golden State.

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