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Fri., 4/29/2011
We’re very hopeful about this new blog. Our basic mission has not changed: We are still “Showcasing talent in Colorado and beyond.”

But let’s just say that you had a website and it hadn’t been updated at all since 7/2005. ‘Sounds like serious denial to me…

Anyway, through extremely talented people with whom we work on a daily basis, we will provide log-style news and insight as we encounter and engage these folks. We’re gonna do some things that we didn’t do before –like links to YouTube videos. Look for different styles of music and art and more artists. We’re gonna post at least once a week. So, if there’s a new episode of Justified, you might want to check in on us.

BTW – We’d like to thank Mr. John Edwards for setting up this blog and re-doing the website as a class project. We really appreciate your patience and your efforts on our behalf, Sir.

Well, lunch is over. I gotta get back ta work. Stay tuned.

You know me as Chuck A.
From website developer, John Edwards:

Welcome to to the New Ensemble Management web site.  We’ve completely rebuilt the place from the ground up and moved ourselves to a new host. Look around and see what’s new.

What you won’t find new will be the music.  We still have the same free music we’ve always had. If you’re one of our frequent past visitors, you’ll find the music still there, although you may have to update your bookmarks since the page structure has changed slightly.

As always, we’re here for the music.

One Response to “Welcome Back”

  1. John Edwards says:

    Just to let anyone who happens to read this now, there is still a lot more to do. Class may be over (Turned in and demo’ed last night) but I fully plan to get all the music back online and make any other tweaks that are still needed. I plan to finishing the project.

    Stay tuned, there is more to come.


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